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About A+ Practice Tests With LabSim: 

A+ Practice Tests With LabSim provides 350+ practice questions with flash cards along with Lab Simulator which provides 50+ lab exercises.

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CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-901) Exam Details*:


 220-901, A+ Essentials

Number of question

 Maximum of 90 questions (in actual exam). Our practice tests package will have 3 such tests (a total of about 350+ highly relevant questions).

Time allowed

 90 minutes

Passing score

 675 (on a scale of 900)

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Question Types

Performance-based and multiple choice.

Exam Objectives

1.0 Hardware 34%
2.0 Networking 21%
3.0 Mobile Devices 17%
4.0 Hardware & Network Troubleshooting 28%

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