Differences between A+ IT Technician (220-602), and A+ Depot Technician (220-604) exams

There are very few differences between A+ IT Tech and A+ Depot Tech exams. The former is aimed at technicians that are visiting the customer premises and attending to installation/up-gradation/repair of PC hardware and software. Depot technician exam is aimed at technicians whose primary job is to install/upgrade/troubleshoot computers in a depot environment. A depot tech normally will not visit customer premises. He will be working at one place unlike an IT technician. The exam objectives Operating Systems, Networks, and Communication and Professional Issues are not included in A+ Depot Tech. Notable changes are given below:

Inference: A+ Depot Technician exam is a subset of IT Technician exam. It is primarily aimed at PC hardware configuration, and troubleshooting. The exam is suitable for the companies that require first level technician attending to hardware issues, followed by 2nd level tech support, provided by a senior IT Technician. It (A+ Deport tech) is also the easiest of the optional exams (220-602, 220-603, 220-604), and recommended if you want to obtain the A+ certification with minimum possible preparation time.

Article by: Vijay

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